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"Such veneration we ought indeed to entertain for the Word of God, that we ought not to pervert it in the least degree by varying expositions; for its majesty is diminished, I know not how much, especially when not expounded with great discretion and with great sobriety. And if it be deemed a great wickedness to contaminate any thing that is dedicated to God, he surely cannot be endured, who with impure or even with unprepared hands, will handle that very thing, which of all things is the most sacred on earth. It is therefore an audacity, closely allied to a sacrilege, rashly to turn Scripture in any way we please, and to indulge our fancies as in sport; which has been done by many in former times."
- John Calvin

I invite you to consider this quote from Calvin every time you come to the pages of Scripture. This site reflects my own times spent in the pages of Scripture, seeking to know my Lord better, and by His insight, to know myself. I pray that you will find these notes reflecting a proper balance between the head and the heart. I pray I have taken Calvin's admonishment to heart.

Currently, I'm spending my study time in the reviewing my beliefs and doctrines in some detail. I would dearly love to have others studying along with me, and to have those who are willing to add their insights to my own. The links to the left will take you to the various sections of my studies.

May God richly bless you now and always.

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